• Academic collections and heritage: how to bring university collections together

    • Cornelia Weber: “Unity in Diversity. Coordinating university collections in Germany”

      Managing Director of the Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, & Head of the Coordination Centre for Scientific University Collections in Germany

      2004-2010 Chair of the International ICOM Committee University Museums and Collections (UMAC)


      Projects: University Collections in Germany: Research on their Holdings and History; Material Models in Teaching and Research: Indexing, Documentation and Analysis of Models in University Collections


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    • Marta Lourenço: “Between research, teaching and general audiences: A selection of recent outstanding university heritage projects in Europe”

      MARTA C. LOURENÇO is a researcher at the Museums of the University of Lisbon since 1998. Her PhD (CNAM, Paris) addressed the distinct nature and contemporary significance of university collections in Europe. Her research and teaching interests include university collections, the history of collections and scientific heritage. She is a member of the boards of Universeum, the Scientific Instrument Commission, the History of Physics Group of the European Physical Society and ICOM-Portugal.

  • Science popularization and communication

    • Monique Mourits: “Collection as an instrument for science education”

      Monique Mourits is Director of the Centre for Science communication & Culture of Utrecht University, including the University Museum, in the Netherlands.

      Before, she worked at several public broadcasting companies, for 20 years.

      As Head of a television department, she was engaged with bringing science to a large audience.

      Monique studied 17th century Dutch Literature at Utrecht University.



    • Nicole Gesché: “Communicating Scientific Information to the General Public”

      Lecturer at the Royal Art Academy in Brussels and assistant at the Centre de recherches en archéologie et patrimoine (CReA-Patrimoine), member of the Network of Museums of the ULB.  MA in Art History, Archaeology and Anthropology (ULB) & Teaching, Librarian and Museum Management certificates. Associate professor at the Senghor University in Alexandria. Chairperson (1995-1998) of the Committee for Education and Cultural Action of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-CECA) and member of the present board.

  • Relevance to society

    • Dirk van Delft: “Museum Boerhaave, Society and the Real Thing”

      Dirk van Delft (1951) studied physics at Leiden University. From 1992-2006 he was senior science editor at NRC Handelsblad. Since 2006 he is director of Museum Boerhaave, the Dutch national museum for the history of science and medicine. He holds an one day a week position as special professor in the Heritage of the Science, located at Leiden Observatory. His PhD-work involved a biography of Heike Kamerlingh Onnes (Leiden University, 2005). His research is focussed on the Leiden cryogenic laboratory 1880-1960  and the theoretical physicist Paul Ehrenfest (1880-1933).

    • Neil Curtis: “Challenging collections: the public engagement role of the University of Aberdeen’s museums”

      Neil Curtis is Head of Museums in the University of Aberdeen, and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Anthropology. He has studied Archaeology, Museum Studies and Education. He is also Vice-President of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Convenor of University Museums in Scotland. His recent research has included studies of the history of museums, exhibitions and archaeology in Scotland, and the social and cultural roles of museums today, including repatriation and the treatment of human remains.

  • Museum management

    • Guido Gryseels: “The Renovation of the Royal Museum for Central Africa”

    • Annick Schramme: “Towards an integral management approach of university collections”

      Annick Schramme is academic coordinator of the Master Cultural Management (Faculty of Applied Economics) at the University of Antwerp and the master class Cultural Management at the Antwerp Management School. Besides she is academic director of the Competence Center Management, Culture & Policy (University of Antwerp) and the Competence Center Creative Industries (Antwerp Management School), where she is also responsible for the Knowledge Center of Flanders District of Creativity. Over the last years she published about heritage management, international heritage policy, creative industries, creative cities and sustainability, arts funding systems and cultural governance.  Finally she is member of several boards and/or advisory committees in the cultural sector in Flanders and the Netherlands, like the Royal Ballet of Flanders/the Royal Opera, the Flemish Fund for Literature, The Flemish Children theatre HetPaleis and the Strategic Advisory Board for Culture, Youth, Media and Sports of the Flemish Government and the Dutch Council for Culture.